1: Introduction Discover the allure of the rare and valuable Buffalo Nickel, a prized coin that continues to captivate collectors worldwide.

2: The Origins Learn about the history and design of the iconic Buffalo Nickel, minted from 1913 to 1938 by the United States Mint.

3: Valuable Varieties Explore the different varieties and rare editions of the Buffalo Nickel, including the coveted 1913-S Type 2.

4: Key Dates Uncover the most sought-after dates for collectors, such as the 1916 Double Die Obverse and the 1926-S.

5: Condition Matters Understand the importance of grading and preservation when it comes to the value of Buffalo Nickels.

6: Record Sales Delve into the world of competitive auctions and record-breaking sales of the most expensive Buffalo Nickels.

7: Investment Potential Discover why Buffalo Nickels continue to be a smart investment choice for numismatists and enthusiasts alike.

8: Expert Tips Learn valuable tips from experts on how to spot fakes and authenticate rare Buffalo Nickels in the market.

9: Conclusion Wrap up your journey into the world of the 11 Most Expensive Buffalo Nickels with a renewed appreciation for these historic and valuable coins.