1: Simone Biles' 19 World Championship medals make her the most decorated gymnast in history.

2: Biles' incredible four consecutive all-around World Championship titles have never been achieved before.

3: At the 2016 Olympics, Biles won four gold medals, solidifying her as the greatest of all time.

4: In 2019, Biles landed two new skills named after her in recognition of her unprecedented talent.

5: Biles' record-breaking 25 World Championship medals have cemented her as a gymnastics legend.

6: At the 2021 U.S. Gymnastics Championships, Biles made history yet again with a history-making vault.

7: Biles' unmatched consistency and mastery of difficult skills have revolutionized the sport of gymnastics.

8: With a total of 32 Olympic and World Championship medals, Simone Biles is the undisputed GOAT of gymnastics.

9: The impact of Simone Biles extends beyond her medals, inspiring future generations of gymnasts worldwide.