1: Introduction Discover the hidden treasures in your spare change. Learn about rare coins that could bring you wealth.

2: 1943 Copper Penny Only a few of these pennies were minted in copper. Finding one could earn you thousands of dollars.

3: 2004 Wisconsin Quarter Look out for an extra leaf on this quarter. It's a rare error coin worth up to $300.

4: 1955 Double Die Penny Check your pennies for a doubled image. This rare error coin can fetch you over $1,000.

5: 1970-S Small Date Penny A small date variation makes this coin rare. Find it in your change for a potential $300.

6: 2005 Speared Bison Nickel A die gouge error created this unique nickel. Score one for a possible $100.

7: 1982 No Mint Mark Dime Rarely, a dime is struck without a mint mark. Look for it for a chance at $20.

8: 1942-1945 Silver War Nickel During WWII, nickels were made with silver. Hunt for this valuable wartime coin.

9: Conclusion With a keen eye, your spare change could lead to a valuable coin collection. Stay alert for these treasure finds.