1: Explore the health benefits of Mediterranean cuisine with these must-try dishes for improved digestion.

2: Savor the fresh flavors of Greek salad, a light and refreshing option that aids in digestion.

3: Indulge in hummus, a protein-packed dip that is easy on the stomach and promotes gut health.

4: Try tabbouleh, a zesty salad made with bulgur wheat, herbs, and veggies, perfect for aiding digestion.

5: Enjoy grilled eggplant, a fiber-rich vegetable that supports a healthy digestive system.

6: Sample seafood paella, a flavorful dish loaded with antioxidants and good bacteria for your gut.

7: Treat yourself to stuffed grape leaves, a traditional Mediterranean dish that aids in digestion.

8: Opt for roasted red peppers, a vitamin C-rich veggie that promotes gut health and aids in digestion.

9: Finish with a serving of baklava, a sweet treat that is easy on the stomach and helps with digestion.