1: Gina Torres stars in "Pearson" as Jessica Pearson, a powerhouse lawyer navigating the world of Chicago politics.

2: Following her departure from "Suits," Torres brings Pearson's fierce determination to a new city and a new challenge.

3: Fans can expect high-stakes drama, sharp wit, and a touch of vulnerability as Jessica faces her toughest case yet.

4: As Pearson navigates the murky waters of city politics, Torres showcases her versatility as a leading lady in a complex role.

5: With Pearson at the helm, expect power struggles, surprising alliances, and courtroom showdowns that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

6: Torres' performance brings depth and charisma to Jessica Pearson as she strives to make a name for herself in a new city.

7: "Pearson" explores themes of ambition, loyalty, and justice, with Torres at the center of the action as the formidable Jessica Pearson.

8: As the series unfolds, viewers will see a new side of Jessica as she navigates personal and professional challenges with grace and determination.

9: "Pearson" promises to be a thrilling ride for fans of legal dramas, with Gina Torres leading the way as the indomitable Jessica Pearson.