1: Meet Sarah, a single mother who built a community garden to feed her neighbors in need.

2: Join Alex, a veteran who started a program to provide job training for at-risk youth.

3: Discover Mia, a teacher who launched a scholarship fund to send underprivileged students to college.

4: Learn about Jason, a chef who opened a soup kitchen to combat homelessness in his city.

5: Hear from Maria, a social worker who created a support group for survivors of domestic violence.

6: Explore David's story, a firefighter who started a program to educate children about fire safety.

7: Follow Emily, an environmentalist who led a campaign to clean up polluted rivers in her community.

8: Read about Carlos, a mentor who founded a program to help at-risk teens stay in school and off the streets.

9: Join the movement of 22 million individuals who are transforming communities with inspiring stories of compassion and action.