1: Avengers Endgame's climactic battle scene mirrors iconic comic event, Infinity Gauntlet saga.

2: Captain America wields Mjolnir, mirroring his comic moment from "Fear Itself" storyline.

3: Iron Man's sacrifice pays homage to his pivotal moment in "Demon in a Bottle" arc.

4: Black Widow sacrifices herself, echoing her fate in "Endgame" event series.

5: Doctor Strange's plan mirrors his crucial role in "Infinity Gauntlet" comic event.

6: Thor's confrontation with Thanos echoes his battle in "Infinity" comic storyline.

7: Hawkeye's return as Ronin mirrors his dark turn in "Avengers Disassembled" comic event.

8: Hulk's Professor Hulk transformation reflects his comic evolution in "Future Imperfect" storyline.

9: Ant-Man's involvement in time heist mirrors his comic debut in "Tales to Astonish" series.