1: Ziva's Death Ziva fakes her death in Season 13, leaving Tony heartbroken.

2: Tony Searches Tony mourns Ziva's death but later discovers she is alive.

3: Reunion Ziva and Tony reunite in Season 17, rekindling their relationship.

4: Love Rekindled Ziva and Tony share a heartfelt reunion, proving their love endures.

5: Final Farewell Ziva and Tony say goodbye as Ziva leaves for her own safety.

6: Hope for the Future Fans hope for Ziva and Tony to reunite again in the future.

7: Unresolved Feelings Ziva and Tony's relationship leaves fans wondering what could have been.

8: Fan Reactions Fans express mixed emotions over Ziva and Tony's complicated relationship.

9: Legacy Ziva and Tony's love story remains a memorable part of NCIS history.