1: Simone Biles, Olympic Champion, attends Lakers game with husband Jonathan Owens, NFL player.

2: The power couple, Biles and Owens, show love and support at courtside Lakers game.

3: Biles dazzles in designer outfit, capturing attention at the Lakers game.

4: Fans can't get enough of Biles' courtside style and loving partnership with Owens.

5: The dynamic duo, Biles and Owens, steal the spotlight at the Lakers game.

6: Biles and Owens display their love and sportsmanship at the Lakers game.

7: Social media erupts as Biles and Owens make a fashionable statement at the game.

8: Biles and Owens continue to be relationship goals at the Lakers game.

9: The power couple, Biles and Owens, shine bright at the Lakers game.