1: The Suits spinoff takes a gamble by removing a core show element. Will fans embrace the new direction?

2: The original show's success rested on its strong ensemble cast. How will the spinoff fare without this key element?

3: Character dynamics played a crucial role in Suits' popularity. Can the spinoff maintain the same level of intrigue?

4: The legal drama's New York City setting was iconic. Will the spinoff's new locale capture the same magic?

5: Suits' fashion style was a standout feature. Will the spinoff's wardrobe choices live up to fans' expectations?

6: Legal cases were central to Suits' storylines. How will the spinoff differentiate itself without this key element?

7: Romantic relationships added depth to the original show. Can the spinoff develop compelling new pairings?

8: Suits' witty humor was a fan favorite. Will the spinoff maintain the same level of sharp dialogue?

9: With one key element missing, the Suits spinoff faces a major risk. Can it find success in this new direction?