1: 1. Tangy coleslaw and a cold beer perfectly complement Jesse Kelly's cheeseburger.

2: 2. Crispy onion rings and a refreshing lemonade are ideal sides for a cheeseburger feast.

3: 3. Sweet potato fries and an ice-cold Coca-Cola elevate the flavors of Jesse Kelly's cheeseburger.

4: 4. Creamy mac and cheese and a tall glass of iced tea make a mouthwatering pairing with a cheeseburger.

5: 5. Grilled corn on the cob and a fruity sangria add a summery touch to Jesse Kelly's cheeseburger.

6: 6. Spicy jalapeno poppers and a crisp IPA are a bold choice to serve with a cheeseburger.

7: 7. Zesty guacamole and a margarita create a festive atmosphere for enjoying Jesse Kelly's cheeseburger.

8: 8. Classic potato salad and a cold glass of milk offer a comforting accompaniment to a cheeseburger.

9: 9. Fresh fruit salad and a glass of sparkling water provide a light and healthy option to pair with Jesse Kelly's cheeseburger.